Salento, a fascinating and unique, shaped and defined by the Sun in unspeakable forms of secular olive trees and rocks, described by the wind.
And 'the strong Sirocco wind, coming from the South to mystify every creature, who speaks and conveys emotions magic and wonder.
The gaze is lost in the encounter between the Ionian and Adriatic impalpable, for a result of endless color shades, with the skyline in the background, the undisputed protagonist in the clear waters of the Sea. So, they hatch the two coasts of this Earth; the fine sand and the massive cliffs and sharp.
Every season is perfect to accommodate and win with perfumes and spirit of ancient culture: the inland of Salento is a palette of bright colors, like the hands of those who can love this land, working it. And 'possible to browse and walk among the olive trees in orderly single file, with the pajare, placed sentinels in the countryside and stone walls that surround dirt roads and winding.
Traveling in the Land of Salento is a continuous discovery, we speak in the ancient language, with traces in the prehistoric caves, one of all the Grotta Romanelli in Porto Badisco, graffiti and murals. The Salento is also known as the Land of the Messapians, who gave birth to a very advanced civilization around the VI century. A.C. with many cities, among which Vast Poggiardo.
Then came the Saracens and the Salento became the "Gateway to the East"; him to recount the numerous coastal towers scattered all along the coast and then Otranto, a town of 800 Martyrs, Saints today, killed, because they are proud of their religion.
A separate chapter is worth the Baroque and its stone, just Lecce stone. Here everything is carved in stone this poor, easily workable, allowing embroidery and precious ornaments. It 'just a walk in Lecce, the undisputed capital of the Baroque, to understand what is the real importance of this art.