Salento Holidays

The great thing about a holiday in Salento is the diversity of the routes.
Salento, in fact it is made of sea, countryside, art and culture, gastronomy, traditions and folklore, with all the spirit and hospitality of the people of these places.
The holiday Salento made ​​of sea is waiting to be discovered, because there is a rich natural heritage of rare and local. Thus, the alternative to the usual beach could also be the discovery of the wonders of nature as the sea caves along the coast.
Although many dishes will delight you. The Salento cuisine is humble and poor, but definitely tasty. And then, in the summer it is easy to spread the aroma of cooking on the street here is the black mussels with garlic, white wine with municeddhe, shrimp, red Gallipoli cooked on the grill. The kitchen is Salento is poor, but imbued with the values ​​of a people honest and impregnated with the products of the territory of indigenous land and sea.
If the traditions and folklore of Salento had a color it would be a ruby red, like the wine that flows in the veins, which marks the rhythm of the drumming tarantula and summer evenings in celebration. We can not remain indifferent to the solemn feasts of lights, with fireworks to celebrate the Saints and Patrons in procession, after a solemn mass.
Just so you can discover the secret rite of Salento, and just so you wise the warmth of the people, walking in the streets of a small village in celebration, perhaps to an ancient festival, which transforms collective ritual in the abundance of certain products.
Even the crafts is part of these rituals, with their real masters, able to transform materials into rough art paper mache, clay, stone, the Giuca and weaving with embroidery.
The taste for the finer things is the common denominator of all this: come and find out.